THE BIG EYE is The Geolocation latest generation GPS satellite system that allows you to know in real time the position and trace the path of a person (children and elderly) of a vehicle (car, motorcycle, truck) of an object ( suitcase, pack) or your pet.




What can we do for you?

If You are a Private:

Monitor your car, motorbike, van, boat by providing you with comfy gps devices and a H 24 Platform just charging the sim from 10 € / month.

Step by step monitor your family, especially grandparents and children, protecting them from aggression and incidents of every kind at 2 € / month alarms including up to five recipients.

Locate your dog in case of loss and save your children's tears at the cost of the sim.

Check your son's minicar if you behave well at the cost of the sim.

We protect your entire family through apps by providing you with a professional platform that offers you countless information.


If You are a Company:

We offer a Fleet Management Fleet Management service offering you a H 24 Platform that will allow you to have everything under real-time control by improving efficiency and productivity at unbeatable prices.

We personalize the Platform for your needs by installing it if you want it on your domain.

Synchronize Platforms with All Your Mobile Phones to Protect Your Employees with the ability to send alerts and organize your work process and safety at work.

We monitor the transportation of values ​​by finding the solution best suited to your needs.


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